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Shivakshi Sheel Srivastava
·Dec 31, 2022·

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Space fascinates everyone. No matter what career we all are heading to, let’s admit that there is a child astronomer in us who wishes to fly in heavy spacesuits. We all grew up in a country where dreams are based on existing success stories. Unfortunately, space couldn’t fuel our dreams for the last many decades. Things have evolved, and so have opportunities in aviation and space.

It was a fine evening on May 14, 2022, in a garden a few hundred meters away from our NIT Surat campus. We, the friends of three who aspire not just to take the same career path but also to make it easier for the next generation, pondered creating a distinct platform. Many young enthusiasts have already begun their journey to make space accessible. To our surprise, no club talks about or teaches space science at our college. Nearly a thousand students graduate yearly, but no one has taken up the idea to manifest their fascination. We are the batch of 2023 Mechanical, who have set their unstoppable journey to fill the ever-existing voids.

Ellumina is a space communication platform that enlightens everyone ready to travel. El stands for "the," and Lumina stands for "light." We want to create something that has never existed and establish it through our tagline, “Beyond the Light.

Let's create an equal learning space with the field's seemingly limitless scope. Welcome to Ellumina:

Naman Jain, Tushar Agrawal, and Shivakshi Sheel Srivastava. (Left to Right)

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